Copper materials are used in numerous industrial applications. The chemical industry uses copper for heat exchangers, distillation columns and column plates, cooling systems, electrostatic precipitator plates, pipelines and seals as well as for many other apparatus parts because of its excellent corrosion resistance to many media and its high thermal conductivity.

For the same reasons, copper is also used in the petroleum industry and in the extraction of liquid air, in the food, brewing and beverage industries, the paper industry and in other branches of industry. In the metallurgical and foundry industry, copper is used because of its good thermal conductivity where large amounts of heat have to be dissipated quickly, for example for blow moulds, oxygen lances and shaft cooling boxes of blast furnaces as well as for crucibles of arc remelting plants and continuous casting moulds in which molten metals are to solidify quickly and for casting-rolling plants. Copper is also indispensable in machine, ship and apparatus construction as well as in motor vehicle, wagon and locomotive construction.

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