Chemicals Legislation

Whether it is the efficiency and performance of energy and environmental applications, or transport, architectural and heating and cooling systems, copper products have never been more important to the sustainable growth of the European Union.

At the same time, the industry relies on policies and measures that protect its competitiveness and the jobs it creates. Key issues here include the Emissions Trading Scheme, ReaCH implementation and energy pricing. The EU and national governments are enacting increasingly complex regulations that address issues such as consumer and environmental protection, occupational health and safety, industrial processes and the transport of metal-bearing waste. The Kupferverband contributes its technical expertise here at national and European level in cooperation with the authorities.

As part of its international activities, the Kupferverband is also involved in numerous regulatory processes, especially at the EU level, and advises on them from a technical perspective.  Examples include projects in the area of materials legislation such as RoHS, ELV, ReaCH, the Drinking Water Ordinance, architectural applications, contact with food or the Sewage Sludge Ordinance. The Kupferverband works closely with the EU Commission and national bodies such as the Federal Environment Agency and sits on relevant decision-making committees.

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