Copper Alloys

International conference for industry and research on application-oriented topics relating to copper materials.

In cooperation with the Swedish institute RI.SE  the Kupferverband organises an international conference for copper processing companies, universities and research institutes every two years, presenting the latest scientific and technical developments relating to the use of copper materials. The application-oriented conference offers the entire copper-related industrial and research landscape an exchange of expertise on an international level every two years. The integrated industrial exhibition also provides a forum for copper companies to present their service portfolio during the conference.

Copper Alloys 2024 will take place on 8 and 9 October at the Clarion Hotel Sign in Stockholm and the conference topics will address global challenges, related technology improvements and adaptations as well as new applications and processes.

Key topics include:- The importance of copper materials for a sustainable future
– Refining and recycling, material processing
– Alloy design, substitution of critical elements
– Material analysis and digitalisation
– Production such as casting, joining and additive manufacturing
– Copper alloys and products for various applications, including transport, electrification, hydrogen, drinking water, distribution and antimicrobial systems
– Corrosion resistance




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