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The members of the Kupferverband are recruited from companies in the copper processing industry as well as from the manufacturing sector and the producers of consumer goods. They are all united by the desire to open up new markets and expand existing markets with innovative products; it goes without saying that the most important functional material of mankind – copper – plays a central role in this.

In corresponding bodies such as committees and working groups, the members discuss the strategic orientation in close coordination with the Executive Board and the management and thus actively determine the work of the Kupferverband. Membership of the Kupferverband gives companies the opportunity to work neutrally for copper as a material within the framework of an international association structure, to position themselves adequately and to use synergies.

With a membership, you also receive direct and timely access to information and the acting persons in the association and their assessment of the developing regulatory situation at European and national level. As the industry association, the Kupferverband has the expertise for all aspects and possibilities of copper as a material. With decades of industry knowledge and its interdisciplinary team, it stands for the qualification and dissemination of copper knowledge. Material and industry knowledge are generated, structured, communicated, marketed and archived. With association services and demand-oriented services, the Kupferverband is a national and international contact.

In addition to the possibility of exchanging information with the other members and the association in meetings, industry, research and technical committees as well as working groups, we offer a member discount of 15 percent on all services provided directly by the Kupferverband (open and company seminars, engineering services, material analyses [including spark spectrometry, oxygen determination, hardness measurement, light microscopes, SEM/EDX], project work).

The duties and tasks of the members are regulated in a statute.

We would be pleased to inform you in detail about the advantages and costs of membership in the Kupferverband.

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